A Ring is Born

Here is a quick photo series I took this week while working on a batch of rings, showing the process from start to finish!

First, strips of wire and flat sheet metal are cut to precise measurements determined by finger size and stone size -

Next, the metal for the bands and bezels is formed into circle/oval shapes and the joints are soldered -

Then the bands and bezels are formed to their proper shapes/sizes/finishes (hammered or smooth). This step also includes a lot of sanding -

Then the real magic starts to happen - bands and bezels are joined (again, followed by sanding and fine tuning) -

More grinding and sanding, and the rings are ready for stones to be set -

After stone setting, polishing, and clean-up, the finished product! -

This month's featured charity:

5% of October's gross sales will be donated to Centro del Pueblo in Humboldt County, CA.
Since May 2007, I've raised $108,711 for charity. Thank you for supporting my work!