Ethically Mined and Cut Stones from Out of Our Mines


I have the supreme good fortune of living ten minutes away from Out of Our Mines' Arcata, CA headquarters. Out of Our Mines is a husband-and-wife team - Helen and Richard take great care to ensure that their materials are sourced ethically. Many of the stones that I buy from them are mined in the United States, and those that come from other parts of the world are obtained from miners with whom Helen and Richard have secure and long-standing business relationships with, and whose practices can be verified to be ethical. Most of these stones are cut by a small family business in Sri Lanka; Helen and Richard have worked directly with this same family for many years and are committed to helping to improve their lives by paying them a fair and professional wage for their work and supporting their ongoing professional education, so you can rest assured that these stones are not the product of cheap mass production done by children in India or underpaid factory workers in China.

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