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Harmony Recycled Metals from Hoover & Strong

Here is what Hoover & Strong says about their Harmony Metals –

The Jewelry Industry Is A Dirty Business

We are in a business where all of our products come from the Earth, and the jewelry industry, in particular, relies heavily upon mining companies to generate source materials for their products.

The sad fact is — mining is a very "dirty" business and the production of one beautiful gold ring will generate five tons of environmental waste, contaminating water and lands which endangers the health and lives of humans and animals.

The negative impacts of mining have forced people and businesses alike to take a long, hard look at where their products come from, how they are made, and to what extent they are impacting the Earth, its lands and its people.

Recycled and Beautiful

Hoover & Strong, a truly earth-minded refiner and manufacturer, has provided socially and environmentally-responsible products and services for over 95 years. It is our moral obligation to continually respect basic human rights around the world and to protect the environment by conserving energy and recycling.

We want you to know that all precious metals at Hoover & Strong are recycled from the Earth’s existing metal supply, which means we DO NOT BUY metals from mining companies. We don’t believe in it and, as a refiner, we just don’t have to. Over half our metal supply comes entirely from scrap metal purchased from jewelers. The remainder of our supply comes from other refineries that also recycle scrap metal. We feel GREAT about that and you can too!

All precious metals at Hoover & Strong are 100% recycled. When it is necessary to obtain metals from other sources, we buy metal from other earth-friendly refineries that, like us, only use recycled metal. We require any secondary refinery to provide in writing, full disclosure of their metal sources.

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