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I'm trying something a little new - a Fall giveaway! Every customer who places an order between October 15th and November 15th will be entered into a drawing to win this Zultanite and recycled 14k yellow gold pendant, valued at $1,298.

One entry will be granted for each $500 spent. I don't do a large order volume so this is a contest you have really good odds of actually winning! If you've been thinking about placing an order, now would be an awesome time to do so and have a chance at a pretty cool bonus. :-)

zultanite jewelry

Zultanite is a 100% natural gemstone with no enhancements. It is ethically mined with environmentally sound methods and fair wages for miners. Zultanite is extremely rare; few have had the pleasure to behold its incredible beauty. Only one mine produces genuine Zultanite, in the remote mountains of Turkey. This gorgeous stone has natural color change properties, showing green in sunlight and fluorescent light, and displaying pink and/or yellow flashes in soft incandescent light and candlelight.

All orders are eligible for one or more entry - shop now at my Etsy store!

Charles & Colvard - the makers of moissanite - have just released a colorless version of moissanite! This long-awaited innovation has been christened 'Forever One', and stones are slowly being introduced into the marketplace. For now the Forever One stones are only available in 5mm (0.5ct), 6.5mm (1ct), 7.5mm (1.55ct), 8mm (2ct), and 9mm (2.75ct) rounds, but C&C plans to expand on these options in the future. (Updated 4/25/16 to add - more shapes/sizes have been added since the date this article was written - please contact me for current info.)

Classic moissanite has a color grading of J-K.
Forever Brilliant moissanite has a color grading of G-H-I.
Forever One moissanite has a color grading of D-E-F (a rating considered colorless by GIA standards).

All three varieties of moissanite have a hardness of 9.25 on the Mohs scale, which is harder than emerald, ruby, and sapphire. All varieties have more brilliance and fire than any other gemstone, including diamond.

The video below (courtesy of C&C) does an excellent job of highlighting the color differences between the different types of moissanite.

I've also attempted to capture some images for comparison, under various lighting conditions. My pics are shown below, with Classic on the left, Forever Brilliant in the middle, and Forever One on the right (note that my order is the opposite of what is shown in the C&C image/video above). My photography isn't as professional as C&C's, but I thought you still might like to see them from my own perspective. In my opinion, the color difference was very obviously noticeable to the naked eye in outdoor/natural lighting, and less noticeable (if at all) in indoor lighting (even using my special 'daylight balanced' indoor photography lighting).

Forever One Brilliant moissanite comparison
<< Classic <<                          .. Forever Brilliant ..                          >> Forever One >>

moissanite comparison
<< Classic <<                          .. Forever Brilliant ..                          >> Forever One >>

forever one moissanite
<< Classic <<                          .. Forever Brilliant ..                          >> Forever One >>

forever brilliant moissanite
<< Classic <<                          .. Forever Brilliant ..                          >> Forever One >>

All of my designs are now available with either Classic, Forever Brilliant, or Forever One moissanite (within the limitations of what sizes/shapes have been released in Forever One at the time of your order). Exciting stuff! :-)

(Another update, 4/25/16 - Charles and Colvard has announced that Classic moissanite is being phased out, except in very small stone sizes (up to 2.5mm).)


This month's featured charity:

5% of October's gross sales will be donated to Centro del Pueblo in Humboldt County, CA.
Since May 2007, I've raised $108,711 for charity. Thank you for supporting my work!