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Saving the best for last... in this final post of treasures from my trip to the Tucson Gem show, I have some incredible gems to share with you. These are special because they were cut by award winning gem cutters in fancy/designer/trademarked cuts. Believe me when I say that these are going to make some stunning rings.
large montana sapphire
oval montana sapphire
fancy cut montana sapphire
color change garnet
color change garnet
purple spinel
A few more interesting odds and ends from the Tucson show...
ethical morganite
 Here's something brand-new-to-me - Chatham lab-created morganite!
ethical white sapphire
 Also new-to-me - Chatham lab-created white sapphire.
white sapphire moissanite comparison
 Chatham lab-created white sapphire on the left and Forever Brilliant moissanite on the right for comparison.
 Fordite cabochons
oregon plume agate
An Oregon plume agate


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