All About Moissanite

All About Moissanite

Moissanite is an incredible stone that is a perfect ethical option for a traditional engagement ring.

Moissanite was originally born from a meteorite over 50,000 years ago, and was first discovered by Dr. Henri Moissan in 1893 in material collected from a meteor crater in Arizona. These incredibly brilliant sparkling crystals might have been considered "diamonds from space," but Dr. Moissan's research actually identified them as a new mineral find - silcon carbide, whose chemical composition is SiC (diamonds are made from carbon). This stunning jewel is extremely rare, and almost impossible to find in nature. So rare, in fact, that the dream of using it in jewelry was an impossibility until man discovered a way to create and craft these incredible silicon carbide crystals here on Earth.

With more fire than any popular gemstone (including diamond), no other stone or jewel compares to Moissanite. In fact, fire can be measured scientifically and moissanite has nearly 2.4 times the fire of diamond. Moissanite also has 10% more brilliance and luster than diamond. Proven to be harder than ruby, sapphire or emerald and second only to diamond, moissanite is also extraordinarily heat resistant, durable, and tough. It is extremely resistant to scratching, abrasion, breaking and chipping. And because these phenomenal stones are grown in a laboratory, you don't have to worry about the ethical problems involved with harvesting diamonds and other mined gems.

There are two grades of moissanite -

  • Forever One GHI - with an average color rating of G-H-I, and a clarity of VVS1.
  • Forever One DEF moissanite - considered colorless by GIA standards, with an average color rating of D-E-F, and a clarity of VVS1.

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